Thomastown Primary School was founded in 1855 and is located in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. It was the first school to be built in the Thomastown region and has since cemented itself in the core of Thomastown’s multicultural heritage.



The school’s vision is to prepare students to become active, thoughtful, and responsible citizens of the local and global community. Its mission is to embrace diversity so that all students are challenged to achieve their best through partnership between teachers, families, and the community.


Thomastown Primary School’s objective is to provide a respectful learning environment. The school’s commitment is to build trust, promote self-esteem and ignite passion, where every individual feels valued and respected, and richness of cultural and ethnic diversity is celebrated. Thomastown aims to empower students to build solid foundations for the future by participating in social, intellectual, sporting and cultural activities. This is presented through the school values – Respect, Responsibility, and Effort, which is displayed throughout the school to remind staff and students about the values they uphold during their time at Thomastown Primary School.


Our school values 


Our school values


Thomastown Primary School allows students to succeed in their studies through a holistic learning environment that supports independent growth through modern and interactive learning. These learning environments allow students to excel in literacy and numeracy, while the schools specialist programs – Art, ICT, Italian, Library and P.E allow students to express their creativity and become confident learners in the 21st century. Thomastown Primary School has a rich history in sport and allows students from Years 1 – 6 to participate in district sport competitions. Students learn the importance of teamwork and effort and become confident in their own abilities across a range of sports.   



The Thomastown Primary School community would like to acknowledge that we teach, learn and play on the Land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge the significant cultural and spiritual connection that the Wurundjeri people have had, and always will have, with this Land. We are committed to creating a community of learners who understand the true histories of where we live and who respect and appreciate First Nations cultures and histories.



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