TERM 1 2024

All students at Thomastown Primary School have a one hour Visual Arts lesson each week. As well as the commonly known areas of art such as drawing and painting, our students learn about construction, printing, textiles, modelling, collage and design.


The Visual Art Program enables the students to develop their creative and expressive capabilities. This is done by learning about artists, through literature, the integrated curriculum and community projects. 


In term 1, the Prep children will learn about colour and texture, using different materials, tools and techniques.


The Grade 1/2 children will explore how lines are used in drawing. They will extend their knowledge of line, shape, pattern and colour.


This term the Grade 3/4 children will focus on drawing nature. They will draw plants to extend their knowledge of line and shape, using pattern and repetition.


The Grade 5/6 children will be inspired by the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh to create their art work. They will explore his artwork to learn about shape, tone, line, colour and texture.



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