Term 2

All students at Thomastown Primary School have a one hour Visual Arts lesson each week. As well as the commonly known areas of art such as drawing and painting, our students learn about construction, printing, textiles, modelling, collage and design.


Grade 1/2

This term the students in grade 1 and 2 will learn to weave on a paper loom. They will also practise and develop their construction skills to make a box puppet.


Grade 3/4

This term the children will learn to make a ‘papier mache’ animal or object, using a plastic bottle as its base. They will design, make, paint and decorate it.


Grade 5/6

This term the children will continue to draw artwork for the Whittlesea Council Street Art project. Their artwork will be used to make a large billboard to be displayed on the side of a building on High Street.


The students will then make a padded picture for textiles. They will sew a circle onto material and it will be the basis for a collage.














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