Term 3 in Grade 3/4

After such a fantastic Term 2, the Grade 3/4 students are very excited to embark on an incredible journey through Term 3.

For Maths, the Grade 3/4 students will be studying symmetry, transformation and multiplicative thinking. We will be learning how to show and explain our working out.

In Writing we will be analysing, writing and assessing a variety of scientific reports to help us during our integrated unit for Term 3, Flight.

During Reading we are trying to maintain meaning when reading an unfamiliar text. We are learning to identify and understand unfamiliar words and explain our thinking.

Our Integrated unit this Term is called ‘Flight’. During this unit, we get to create many different flying machines, generate research questions, conduct experiments and write scientific reports showcasing our findings.

We are all so very excited for what lies ahead in Term 3!

The Grade 3/4 Team
Miss Boyle, Mrs. Craig, Mr. McAlpine and Mrs. Sambell

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