Term 1 in Grade 3

Term one has begun with gusto. The students have been displaying the school values daily and I have been very proud to hear feedback from other teachers on how 3A are at specialists and in the yard.


Students have been writing some amusing narratives and have been eager to share their writing with anyone who will listen.

During reading students have begun to recognise how to choose a book that is perfect for them, that has some challenge but is also enjoyable, they are also applying new skills when coming to a word they do not know.


3A has been keen to further their math skills, modelling 3 and 4 digit numbers and being able to read them aloud. They can look at an array and explain  with a multitude of ways to solve it. Their excitement for maths has been truly inspiring.  


The students have enjoyed 6 weeks of swimming at Epping Leisure city. They have learnt some crucial swimming skills while having a great time. Students enjoyed the experience of wearing clothing in the pool so that they may practice survival skills.


Our Integrated focus this term is Growth mindset and the brain. Students have been practising positive self-talk and recognising when others persevere. 


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