Camp Doxa

Camp Doxa – Malmsbury

On the first day we got together in the gym and I talked to my friends about the camp. I was so excited about the camp I couldn’t sleep all night. Then we waited for the bell to ring. Finally we said goodbye to our parents and we were on the bus heading for Camp Doxa.

The bus ride was really boring. The good thing is that I got to sit with my friend Esther. The music was awesome I really liked it. In the middle of our trip the bus broke down, it was so frustrating. And the worst part of our road trip was that I was feeling sick because of the big hills, it was so annoying.

The next part was a stop at Hanging Rock. We got off the bus, then we went for a walk around Hanging Rock and then it suddenly started to rain. It was really fun in the rain. Then we all shouted “Miranda” Where are you”! Miranda was one of the school girls that had disappeared at Hanging rock in the 1800s. Next we ate our lunch and lollies. I took some pictures with my friends and I took some pictures of the view as well. 

Finally we arrived at Camp Doxa. The camp manager spoke to us about the rules and how to enjoy ourselves while on camp. Next we got into groups and the good thing was that I was with my friend Navleen. I was in group number 3. The first thing we did was play team games, it was so much fun. Next thing we did was cooking and we made some biscuits. It was time to have afternoon tea and I had some watermelon.

The best part of the first day was getting to go in our cabins and I was with my all of my friends. It was Navleen, Prabhleen and Esther with me in the cabin. I was on the top of the bunk bed. We set our beds and got ready for our dinner. We had Tacos but I didn’t like them. Then we all changed into our PJs and watched a movie called Finding Dory. Seriously I was feeling so sleepy at that time. It was so much fun watching the movie. Finally we went to our beds. Because we were all talking so, the teachers had to come to our cabin twice. Then we fell asleep but I couldn’t sleep all night, because Esther was snoring all night long.

It was the second day of our camp. My cabin was the first to wake up. We brushed our teeth and got ready for another fun and exciting day. The first thing we did was have our breakfast, we had cereal and butter and bread. Then we had to brush our teeth again. The first activity we did was archery and I scored five points. Next we got together in the recreational area and we decided what we were doing next and our group was with Mr G. we were playing basketball and then soccer. Next we went on the trampolines and I was the first one on it was so much fun jumping around. Mr G was videoing us it was really awkward. And then we had our morning tea. We had biscuits that we made on the first day and they were really yummy, all of our friends liked them.

 Next activity we did was rock climbing. When it was my turn I didn’t make it half way up the wall but I tried my best. Next time I was competing against Navleen when I was nearly going to reach the top she stepped on my hand and she didn’t release it. It was really painful. Then suddenly Ms Laura saw that she was stepping on my hand told her to put her leg up. My hand was really hurting so, I had to come down. But she had made it to the top and I was feeling really happy because she had made it to the top. Then Mr G came and he videoed Navleen.

For dinner we had pasta, salad and a garlic bread I really liked it but Navleen didn’t liked it she just threw in the bin. Next we had our dessert. It was fudge brownie and cream it was the best dinner I have ever had.

Next we got together in the recreational area and we played some games with balloons. First we played tunnel ball but with a balloon and next we had to lie down and pass the balloon with our legs, it was quite hard but we did it. And next we had to pass the balloon over our heads, it was so easy. The final activity with balloons we did was that we had to tie the balloon with a string and then tie it around our legs and all of my friends wanted to pop my balloon because they already popped their own balloon. When my balloon was popped I tried to pop Ansa’s balloon and I popped Ansa’s balloon, it was a lot of fun.

Next we played musical knees where Mr G played some music and girls had to sit in a circle and boys had to go around the circle when Mr G stopped the music the boys had to sit on a girl’s knee. If the boys didn’t sit on a girl’s knee they were out. Kale sat on my knee twice. After that we had a disco but I didn’t dance because I didn’t want to. Then we all changed into our PJs and went to bed. We were talking and Mrs Thermos came and turned the light off and told us to go to bed. That night I slept really well.

The last day of the camp we were the first ones to wake up. We brushed our teeth and got ready and packed some of our things away. Then we had our breakfast we had the same thing again it was cereal and bread. But the bread was different so, I didn’t like it, Navleen didn’t like it either. So, we both threw it away.

The next activity was to study the organisms that lived in the river water. Navleen was getting cold so, she went to the recreational area and got her jacket. Then we had to predict if the water was polluted or clean and our group guessed the water was clean. Then we had to find some creatures from the water and put them in the ice cube tray and we found quite a lot of creatures. Then we had a talk with our teacher if the water was polluted or clean. Our guess was right the water was clean because we found some sensitive creatures from the water. Then we had a walk around the river. We saw two birds fighting together.

Then we went to the recreational area and saw all the creatures through the microscope. One of our creatures was so scary. One of our creatures was clear we could see right through it. After that we had our afternoon tea. I had a patty in a bread and BBQ sauce it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t eat all of it.

Finally, it was the time to go home we went to the recreational area and got our suitcases and put them under the bus. Then we got on the bus and I sat with my friend Esther again. This time I was sitting on the window seat. Esther was talking to other girls and she was saying that she wanted to go to candy world. In the bus I took some pictures of the view. Finally we arrived at school we eat some lollies and candies and we watched a movie. My dad came to pick me up at half past 2. But it was really fun at Camp Doxa and I want to go there again if I can.


By – Manpreet