TERM 2 2022


Middle to Senior students will be introduced to Google Classrooms and learn how to use the software and navigate their way through the various programs on this platform. Use of Robotics such as Lego-WeDo, Mindstorm & Spike Engineering kit will be used throughout the year where students work collaboratively building models and programming them to move in certain ways.


Grade 1/2s will continue to build on their skills using a desktop computer and its keyboard functions. Students will be introduced to programs such as MS Word, PAINT & Publisher to create documents that include inserting borders, images from Google and our school server, style and backgrounds to enhance their work in a creative way. The use of simple robotics will be introduced later in the term where children will investigate the mechanics and design of a model. Students will be able to build a range of working models that they can programme, move and operate through coding.


Foundation will be introduced to software programs that will support and develop literacy & numeracy using BroadLearn, KidPix as well as working with basic coding and robotics through BeeBots. They will learn the components of a desktop computer and develop their keyboarding skills, using the mouse to navigate through a variety of programs available at the school.

 ‘Online Safety’ will be an ongoing topic that will be regularly re-visited throughout the term.


Lou Gualano & Ms Micallef



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