Middle to Senior students will learn how to code and program through the use of robotics through Lego technics using Lego We-Do, Lego Mindstorm, Spheros & Ozobots. Digital Portfolios will showcase student work throughout the year and will develop student knowledge in a variety of software programs such as MS Word, Publisher & Powerpoint. Kahootz & Comic Life will also be used as well as editing/recording to allow student creativity, innovation & collaboration with their peers.

Grade 1/2s will continue to build on their skills using a desktop computer and its keyboard functions. Students will be introduced to programs such as MS Word & Publisher to create documents that include inserting borders, images from Google and our school server, style and backgrounds to enhance their work in a creative way.  ‘Online Safety’ will be an ongoing topic that will be regularly re-visited throughout the term.

Foundation will continue to be introduced to software programs that will support and develop literacy & numeracy using BroadLearn as well as working with basic coding and robotics through BeeBots.




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