Term 3 in Grade 5/6 

Term 3 is an exciting time for the Grade 5/6 students. We have enjoyed a transition event at Thomastown Secondary College, watching the inspiring Reflections 2 concert. We enjoyed three fun filled days at Camp Doxa where students were able to challenge themselves and learn new skills in independence. We have been training for the basketball round robin and are very excited about the book week parade and activities.

For Maths, the Grade 5/6 students will be studying multiplication and division, area and perimeter. We will alsoo be looking at fractions and decimals.

In Writing we will be identifying the features of information and explanation texts. We will be drafting, revising and producing, in both print and electronic form a range of procedural and information texts. Students will use rubrics and success criteria to assess their own writing and that of their peers.

During Reading we are trying to maintain meaning when reading an unfamiliar text. We are learning to identify and understand unfamiliar words and explain our thinking using multiple strategies. 

Our Integrated focus this term is Natural Disasters. Students will be exploring geographical time and the structure of the planet Earth. We investigate and research major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and the impact disasters have on communities.


Students are exploring various camera shots in digital literacies with Mark Dixon. They will use movie maker, create a sound track and explore transitions and titles. They will work with the foundation students to create films based on the values of the school.


This will be a very busy but very exciting term 3!


The grade 5/6 team


Mrs Thermos and Miss O’Donnell

Click the following link to view our Term 3 Overview

Term 3 Overview