Term 2 in Grade 5/6 

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Week 7
25-05 - 29-05

Integrated- Monday

Curriculum Day

Reading – Friday

Each day students should do at least 20 minutes of independent reading. This could be a book you have at home or try finding something new to read on https://stories.audible.com/discovery.

On Friday you will be assigned a Reading task as your Daily Activity on ClassDojo. This is your most important Reading task for the week and should be the first task completed on Friday. 

You will also be assigned tasks on Reading Eggs. Complete your tasks and explore some new books and activities in your Reading Eggs library if you have time.

Writing - Wednesday

On Wednesday  you will be assigned a Writing task as your Daily Activity on ClassDojo. This is your most important Writing task for the week and should be the first task completed on Wednesday. 

Maths - Tuesday and Thursday

We are learning about time. On Tuesday & Thursday you will be assigned a Maths task as your Daily Activity on ClassDojo. This is your most important Maths task for the week and should be the first task completed on those days.

You will also be assigned Mathletics tasks. Complete these tasks when you have time throughout the week. 

Italian - Monday

We are learning to ask 'What is the weather like today?' and respond in Italian.


Question: Che tempo fa oggi? - What is the weather like today?


Watch this short video:  Weather in Italian 


Watch this video and repeat out loud:  Vocab with Ouino - The Weather


Task:  Divide your page in half. Write the question 'Che tempo fa oggi?' in both boxes and answer in Italian (choose a different answer for each question from the video). Draw what the day looks like. 

Post a photo of your work in “Week 7 Italian Activity” on Class Dojo.

Art - Tuesday                                       

This is an Australian indigenous dot painting. The artists used small dots, large dots and patterns of dots to make this lizard. Draw or paint an australian animal using only dots.


Post a photo of your Artwork in “Week 7 Art Activity” on Class Dojo.

PE- Wednesday

Time for a bit of balloon fun! Your task this week is to play some “Balloon Volleyball.”

Using an inflated balloon as your ball, set up a “volley-balloon” net in a clear space in your home - hallways are pretty good.

(Note: If you weren’t able to get a balloon in preparation for this week’s task, please choose your favourite PE task from earlier this term, and repeat that.)

When it comes to making your “volley-balloon” net, feel free to get creative – use your imagination.

Items you could use include:

* String or wrapping ribbon attached from one point to another (tied, stuck with BluTac or tape); you could even use sticky tape as a net!

* If you choose to play “volley-balloon” on your knees, you could use 2 chairs with a towel, tablecloth, blanket or sheet hung across them.

 If you can’t find someone to be your opponent, try playing on your own, by tapping the balloon high over the string and then racing under the string to the other side, and tapping it back over (before it hits the ground!)


(Reminder: In “volley-balloon”, you can’t let the balloon hit the ground.

You can’t grab the balloon with both hands - you must tap it over the net with the tips of your fingers or your open hand.  No grabbing/catching of the balloon is allowed.)


*Playing on your knees (as suggested earlier)

*Playing with one hand behind your back

*Playing on one leg

*Lower the “net” and kick the balloon over the net


If you can can’t find anyone to join you, your task is to keep the balloon above your head by tapping it with your fingertips. Each time the balloon hits the ground, you have to do 10 push-ups! Time yourself and let me know how long you were able to keep the balloon up in the air.

Post a photo of your work in “Week 7 PE Activity” on Class Dojo.

ICT - Thursday  Week 7

What have you enjoyed about being at home during remote learning so far? What have you found challenging? You can use WORD, POWERPOINT, make a video of yourself, a poster with photos or use a drawing app to share your experiences. We think you’ve been amazing so far! This is an example of what you could do if you get stuck for ideas. Click INSERT which is the 3rd along the top of your WORD toolbar then press on table and decide how many cells/rows you want



Post a photo of your work in “Week 7 ICT Activity” on Class Dojo.