Term 4 in Grade 5/6 

Term 4 is an exciting time for the Grade 5/6 students. This term, the Grade 5/6's are enjoying practising their dances for the End Of Year Performance and Graduation.

For Maths, the Grade 5/6 students will be studying fractions and decimals, measurement and probability.

In Writing we will be identifying the features of information and explanation texts. We will be drafting, revising and producing, in both print and electronic form a range of procedural and information texts. Students will use rubrics and success criteria to assess their own writing and that of their peers.

During Reading we are trying to make inferences using a range of texts, ie, visual, video, print and electronic.

Our Integrated focus this term is the Water Cycle. Students will be undertaking several experiments to explore the features of water.


Students are exploring various camera shots in digital literacies with Mark Dixon. They will use movie maker, create a sound track and explore transitions and titles. They will work with the foundation students to create films based on the values of the school. Students are also designing films about the school values too!


This will be a very busy but very exciting term 4!


The grade 5/6 team


Mrs Thermos and Miss O’Donnell

Click the following link to view our Term 4 Overview

Term 4 Overview
Term 4 Timetable