Term 1 in Grade 1/2

The Grade 1/2s have had a splendid start to Term 1

For Maths, the we have been practising our counting skills by counting forwards and backwards to and from 100. We have also been making numbers with 2 and 3 digits and exploring what these numbers are made up of.

In Writing we have been learning how to write information reports. We have been reading a variety of information texts about different animals and have been sorting facts from opinions.

During Reading we are identifying explicit information from the text. We have been using the pictures and the writing in the text to help us.

Our Integrated unit this Term is called ‘Creature Features’. During this unit, we are learning all about animals and the special features that they use to survive.

What a great start to the year, bring on Term 2!

The Grade 1/2 Team
Miss Abbott, Mrs Bouette, Mrs Chapman and Mr McAlpine

Click the following links to view our Term 1 Overview and Timetable:


Term 1 Overview


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