Term 4 in Grade 1/2

Last term we had a great time being scientists and celebrating Book Week. This term we are looking forawrd to lots more learning and showing everyone our fantastic End of Year Performances.


In Maths, we have been working on our number fluency through number talks. This term we have been learning about fractions of a shape and fractions of collections. Now we are looking at time, including the language of time and telling time on an analogue clock.


In Writing, we have been learning to write procedures. We have had many different experiences and have written how to complete these for others. We have loved writing procedures about a variety of topics.


In Reading, this term, we have been reading a variety of texts and choosing 'just right' books for our book boxes. We are working on our comprehension strategies so that we understand what we are reading. We are building our vocabularies, finding the meaning of new words. We are also working on our fluency so that our reading is smooth and always sounds clear and entertaining.


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Term 4 Overview
Term 4 Timetable

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