Term 4 in Foundation A and Foundation B

Wow! We can’t believe it is already term 4. Our Foundation students have worked so hard this year and are getting very excited for grade 1 next year. Before that happens, we have a fun, engaging and busy term 4 ahead of us.

Students will be learning to swim each Friday for the first seven weeks of term 4. They will be learning some great dances with STOMP Dance Company for the End of Year Performance in early December.

Students will continue to read daily in the classroom. They will be learning about the features of non-fiction texts and compare the differences and similarities between non-fiction and fiction texts.

In maths, students will be sharing numbers, learning about collecting and analysing data, learning to read the time to the hour and will take part in everyday, practical situations involving money.

In integrated inquiry, students will become scientists this term as they learn to make predictions, observations and discuss findings of weekly science experiments.

In writing, students will be writing about their dance lessons, swimming lessons and science experiments.

Term 4 Overview
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