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Here are some great links to assist learning at home


Click View- Educational Videos

CBeebies - Educational Infant Programs

Education Place - Books, games & brain power activities

Wikipedia - The free online Encyclopedia

The Victorian Education Channel - Primary - Educational sites for primary students

Unique Australian Animals - Concise information and pictures of Australian animals

FUSE- Great for Educational support

Professor Garfield - Fun educational website

Children's Book Council of Australia - Latest information on Australian childrens literature

Australian Museums and Galleries Online - Great site for finding museums, galleries and other collections

Bitesize 1 - Educational Programs for Grade 1 & 2 students

Bitesize 2 - Educational Programs for Grade 3 to 6 students

Starfall - Language programs for infants

Math Playground - Fantastic Math games

Life Skills for infants - Games

Adventure Games: National Geographic

Learning Games for Kids

Suceeding with Science


Go for your Life


Parent Links

Michael Grose - Parent Ideas (Raising Kids to Thrive)

Autism Victoria

Steve Biddulph - Raising boys


Sports Links

Click on the links to visit the sporting sites,


Melbourne Storm

Melbourne Victory

Netball Australia

Cricket Australia

Football Australia (Soccer)

Athletics Australia

Swimming Australia

Melbourne Rebels Rugby Union Team

Football Federation Victoria (Soccer)

Northern Football League - Juniors

Northern Cricket League - Juniors

Diamond Valley Cricket Association

Tennis Australia

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