Remote Learning Term 2

COVID 19 is out in our community and the main focus during these difficult times is your health, your children's health and the wider communities health. We are moving into a space that is new to everyone, mums and dads, children, teachers education support staff, all of us. We will learn this new way of remote learning together, and in a united way. Thomastown has made it as simple and as clear as we can during these trying times.

Next term students will learn remotely. This means they continue to work from home. Some VCE student will go to school in very small groups. Some students may go to their local school if their primary caregiver is an emergency worker. I imagine that no students will go to school.

The staff at Thomastown Primary will continue to support your children during this time. We are meeting tomorrow and will send out new work and outlines before the start of the new term. We are also working on the best way to communicate with families, we will keep you informed.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding at this difficult time.

Please stay safe.

Kind Regards
Marion Wetherbee
Thomastown Primary School 

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