During Term 1 students from Foundation to Year 6 have participated in the ‘Italian Program’ through a variety of oral activities such as songs, chants, games, role-plays, stories and written tasks including ‘make and do’ to help develop their skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing in Italian.


Foundation students have been introduced to Italy, its national flag, basic greetings, numbers 1-5 and the story of ‘Pinocchio’.


Years 1, 2 & 3  students have revised greetings, saying name and age, numbers 1-10, colours and focused on the story ‘Il Pappagallo’ - The cockatoo. 


Years 4, 5 & 6 students have also revised greetings, saying name and age and numbers 1-20. They have also focused on learning the map of Italy and its 20 different regions, the colours, the Italian alphabet and the days of the week. They performed a role-play of a dialogue between a teacher and students, learning expressions like “avanti” - ‘come in’ and “sei sempre in ritardo” - ‘you’re always late’.  


 Student participation and enthusiasm has been ‘fantastico’! 

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