Student Animations

Animation At Thomastown Primary School
Students in grades 5/6 have been exploring narratives. Upon completion students were given the opportunity to publish their work using animation techniques. Students were required to convert their narrative into a story board, create the characters, create a stage, photograph the action, import into the computer, edit the sequence, add titles and create the sound track. Below are some of these samples.

The Cheeky Pencil

The Lost Boy

The Robot and the Dinosaur

Little Red Riding Hood.

The Three Little Wolves

Planet Bong

Animation Process

Creating an animation is a complex process. Students need to demonstrate collaborative and co-operatiive skills, planning and organizing skills, writing skills, construction and artistic skills, problem solving, software editing skills and musical creativity. In order to be successful students need to combine all of the above, be flexible and persistent in order to complete the task.


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