Hi everyone.


We’ve had a great time in the library so far and the students have really enjoyed their time looking and sharing some of their favourite books.  In library this term, students will continue to be exposed to a wide variety of books and fabulous authors/illustrators. We have also purchased some very interesting non-fiction books that have been extremely popular with the students so far. 


Students will also have the opportunity to explore….

  • Fiction/non-fiction books/comics/magazines.
  • Looking @ different authors and genres.
  • Character study & author intent.
  • Looking @ the many types of illustrations in books and what message they convey.
  • Using craft & technology to support library lessons. 
  • Incorporating drama, music & play based learning for students to learn rhymes & traditional stories.

Ask your children how much they love the library!  Happy reading

Ms Micallef

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