Library Gallery 2019

Hi everyone,

The students have had a great start to the library so far and will be able to borrow books on a fortnightly basis.

Foundation to year 2 have been provided a calico bag which they have decorated and personalised so please encourage your child to look after their books in these bags.

Middle to senior grades will be provided with a plastic pocket to house their books and read at home and or during class time.

Students will also have the opportunity to explore….
  • Fiction/non-fiction books/comics/magazines.
  • Looking at different authors and genres.
  • Character study & author intent.
  • Looking at the many types of illustrations in books and what message they convey.
  • Using craft & technology to support library lessons.
  • Incorporating drama, music & play based learning for students to learn rhymes & traditional stories.
Lunchtime library club is opened every Tuesday and students have the opportunity to read, build & play in a relaxing environment.

Ask your children how much they love the library! Come in and take a look….all are welcome :)

Ms Micallef